Audio ICs

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Worldwide leader in high-performance audio solutions, we have a wide portfolio of digital, analog and mixed-signal integrated circuits.

Our range of IPs, including Faroudja Audio Optimized audio processing technologies, allow you to get the best sound possible from your end application. A large package and silicon technology portfolio enables the space and power-savings you need to reduce your costs.

Communication & Connectivity ICs

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ST's mobile commununications product portfolio has now moved to ST-Ericsson (

ST's communication portfolio retains solutions for ZigBee® large-scale mesh networks, and wireless tracking networks.

We also continue to offer high-performance DSL solutions for customer-premise equipment (CPE), Ethernet products for LAN applications and powerline communication ICs.

TV & Monitor ICs

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ST has a wide range of fully-integrated, smart TV SoCs, as well as a portfolio of supporting products, that offer:
  • Dual ARM® Cortex™ processor for the ultimate applications and connected TV experience
  • Single-chip support for GoogleTV™, Android™ TV and traditional Linux TV software offerings
  • Support for all formats of 3DTV
  • Support for 3D and Adobe Flash®-based user interface graphics
  • Hybrid broadcast/broadband platforms for seamless internet content viewing
  • Advanced security and support for internet apps, VOD, video conferencing and social networking
  • Emmy award-winning Faroudja® video processing technologies, such as Faroudja Video Optimized calibration and MCTi® for superior image quality from all sources
  • Broad home network connectivity and support for media hub/server functionality
  • Proven decoding architectures, supporting MPEG-2, MPEG-4 (H.264), VC-1 and AVS compression standards
With our fully-integrated monitor SoCs and portfolio of supporting products, we offer:
  • Full HD 3D through 4K x 2K resolution support
  • Support for 3D graphics and 3D gaming
  • DisplayPort 1.2 compliancy
  • Superior image quality with Faroudja video processing technologies

Home Video ICs

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Our home video solutions offer unmatched user experience, new client services and energy-efficiency. Our most recent plaforms provide:
  • Compatibility with all major middlewares
  • Advanced security
  • High processing power permitting 3D graphics, gaming and a rich internet media access
  • Very low power-consumption, meeting all energy consumption requirements

Imaging ICs & Modules

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STMicroelectonics offers a large range of CMOS image sensors and advanced image signal processors (ISP). Our partners benefit from more than 15 years' experience in developing high-quality sensors and leading-edge image signal processors.

ST’s internal manufacturing capabilities and high-volume supply chain guarantee supply to the most demanding customers while still providing for short-term upside flexibility. ST products are supported with comprehensive software manuals, evaluation kits, reference designs and application notes.

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